Learn! How To get back in shape after post-partum?

Over 3000 people have benefitted from this training.

Just in 3 days Learn how to detox your body and maintain healthy body composition.

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Hi, I'm Razeeka

Meet Razeeka, The founder of Fitza Fitness Wellness Empire . She’s an expert in postpartum weight loss. Her journey started after her first postpartum her health collapsed due to crash dieting and avoiding meals. 

Get back the Ultimate Control of your Health​!

My Expertise

Post-Partum Weight Loss Expert

With over 5+ years of experience in the wellness industry, I created 2500+ transformation stories.

My Mission

Get back your dream body with awareness.

In this world of stress and fast food, we lack good nutritious FOOD and peace of mind. I have a system, where I will help you to understand the basic principles of fitness and wellness. I am on a mission to help 10000 women to lose postpartum weight and be fit.

My Community

Fitza Fitness Wellness Empire.​

I founded this community in the year 2018 to help females to get back their ideal weight and shape.

3 Steps To Reduce Weight​

20% Mindset & Awareness​

Awareness about diet and healthy lifestyle is the key to successful weight loss results. simply following random diets and workouts may cause harmful effects on the body.

20% Workout

Exercise plays a crucial role in weight loss and is an important component of any effective weight loss program. 

60% Diet

The diet means not to starve and avoid favorite food, Our body needs good nutrition in a balanced amount. We need to understand balance nutrition theory which is the most important to maintain our weight after weight loss!

Start your journey & get these benefits

  • Visible changes in your Energy level.
  • Quickly start to reverse your PCOS, Diabetes and Heart Problem’s.
  • Enhance immunity by increasing the Alkaline level in the body.
  • Get Advanced Flexibility rim & experience Muscle Relaxation.
  • Improve skin Elasticity.
  • Get Glowing skin.
  • Relaxed Mind & powerful Mindset.
  • Attract Positive Relationship Harmony in life.

What Client's Say About Coach

Trusted by 2500+ of Happy Women

This community is built with love! Our focus is to help you get results

When i joined at fitza gym i was suffering with breating problm with guidence of coachs i started to feel active . Within three month i reduced 10 kg... Before there was no decipline in my schedule after i started to manage my day nd time...also i got amazing skin result .i learned basic of healthy lifstyle. Thank u team fitza for amazing guidence

Nazishah Nazishah

Before joining fitza wellness I was suffering from health issues like migraine, body pain, breathing problems, low energy stress,muscles cramps, laziness, frustration, and more. Overall in 6 months, I have lost 17 kg, and all my above health issues were solved. For 5 years I am leading a healthy lifestyle and now I am helping more people to get fit.

Fit shaiqua Menopause wellness expert

Alhamdulillah I loss around 6kgs in 21 days.. It has changed my eating habits along with adding excercise into my life style & really excellent support from my coaches👍🥰.. I had backache before i started but now feel much better than before Alhamdulillah .. Thank you Fitza team😇


I was suffering from pcod, headache, back pain, gastric, and weakness. Alhamdulillah after joining FITZA, I'm leading a healthy lifestyle and medicine-free life...

Affi Alji Fatima

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"Life is not a problem. it's just a puzzle game of body, mind, and soul. We need to educate ourselves to solve this game in a peaceful way "

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Focus on nutrient-dense foods like lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats to nourish your body and aid in weight loss.