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Hi, I am Razeeka Postpartum weight loss expert.

Meet Razeeka, The founder of Fitza Fitness Wellness Empire . She’s an expert in postpartum weight loss. Her journey started after her first postpartum her health collapsed due to crash dieting and avoiding meals. She was getting impacted physically and mentally both then she started to research on holistic wellness after going through so many things she found herself a way to get out of it. In the last five years, She helped and created 2500+ transformation stories. Now she’s on a mission to help 10000+ women to lose postpartum weight and be fit. She founded the Fitza Fitness Wellness Empire in 2018.

Since then she had continued her journey to help every new mom with postpartum weight loss and provided new ways to help every new mom to stay fit and achieve her dream body without even going to GYM.

My Mission

In this world of stress and fast food, we lack good nutritious food and peace of mind. I have a system, where I will help you to understand the basic principles of fitness and wellness. I am on a mission to help 10000 women to lose postpartum weight and be fit.

Awards & Achievements

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